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Kingdom Under Fire II Europe

Title : Kingdom Under Fire II
Developer : BLUESIDE Inc.
Genre : Action Strategy RPG - Multiplayer Online Action RTSRPG
Platform : PC Online / PS3
Target Release Date : Korea PC online - Service planned for 2013
Creates a whole new genre by combining two of the most beloved elements of online games: action RPG & real-time strategy!
The satisfying combat and flashy animation exceed that of even most action games. The control scheme is intuitive and easy to learn. These are just a few of the great qualities inherited from its predecessors and expanded upon. This action RTS is the first MMO ever in the franchise and lets the player command a large number of troops to defeat other players online and become a legend.
The RPG side lets players grow their heroes and up to one hundred different types of troops.
Fight as a soldier in the middle of the most detailed and realistic battlefield ever created.
The massive battles come alive like a blockbuster movie with thousands of strikingly-detailed units fighting for survival, all powered by the in-house "Fame Tech 2" engine.
Feast your eyes on flashy abilities and realistic destructible props.
3 Factions, 100 types of troops, and one massive battle that will test your wits.
Fierce rivalry between 3 factions: Human Alliance, Dark Legion and Encablossa.
100 types of troops including Infantries, Archers, Paladins, Inquisitors, Air Units, Army Band, Bone Dragon, Mammoth and more. Intense medieval-style siege battles where players can use many different approaches, utilizing towers, ladders, catapults, and many other castle-siege weapons.
War system in which players expand their territories to become the ultimate ruler of the continent!
Includes many MMORPG elements such as guilds, politics, sieges, territory and cultivation, while staying true to its RTS base.
Provides a vast community system in which a player can expand his or her community (Party -> Guild -> Guild Alliance -> Nation). The ultimate goal is to expand one's territory to become the ultimate ruler of the continent.
Unlimited entertainment and infinite gameplay!
Aside from hero leveling, players can blaze their own path by continuously gaining new troops.
Join a guild or a nation, show your loyalty by expanding it, and declare war against others to claim new territory, fighting alongside other members!
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Berserker Hero / Class / Berserker
Destroyer who brigs horror to the battlefield.

In the universe of Kingdom Under Fire, there is something called the "Flow of Dimensions". Two gods, that have existed since the very birth of the universe, take turns ruling the land. Each "age of light" is followed by an "age of darkness"
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Gunslinger Hero / Class / Gunslinger
Reckless swordman with natural born killer instict.

The Gunslingers are a human class that forms the biggest community in the Bersian continent who are physically the the weakest of the races, compared with the Orks, Elves, Half-vampires, and Encablossians.
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The World News / Kingdom Under Fire 2 Europe
A sheikdom, Hironeiden is the most powerful nation in the Human Alliance right now. It has a long history that even goes back before the Great Diastrophism, and has been playing the role of shield for Human Alliance against the Orks from Hexter for a long time. There were dark days for this nation when they became the vessel state of Ecclesia in the result of the first War of Heroes, but they never rested in rebuilding the nation, and as a result, they successfully managed to climb up to the leading position in the Human Alliance.
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Prologue News / Kingdom Under Fire 2 Europe
After the end of the war of crusaders (The War of Power) the world's balance was shattered, followed by massive diastrophism and sudden climate change. The impact of these geographical changes was so great that the map of the continent had to be redrawn. Many places could no longer be reached on foot.
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