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The World

A sheikdom, Hironeiden is the most powerful nation in the Human Alliance right now. It has a long history that even goes back before the Great Diastrophism, and has been playing the role of shield for Human Alliance against the Orks from Hexter for a long time. There were dark days for this nation when they became the vessel state of Ecclesia in the result of the first War of Heroes, but they never rested in rebuilding the nation, and as a result, they successfully managed to climb up to the leading position in the Human Alliance.

The World

Although they have a long and rich history, they have tendencies not to give too much attention to the tradition and formality. In Hironeiden, a person is judged not by his or her background but the ability, and even the noblest man can become an important figure if one has the desire.

They naturally developed this kind of mindset after going through numerous battles against the Orks from Hexter. Hironeiden had to remain prepared for any kind of attack from the Orks. They established a centralized government in short order. They also developed a habit of placing more emphasis on one's skills than on one's background. These factors make them quite contradictory to Ecclesia who are known to be hostile towards the other human races for Hironeiden's policies towards their alikes are a lot more hospital, which explains how they managed to develop at such a fast pace learning the magic skills and technology from the elves and dwarves respectively.

The Worldскачать dle 10.3форекс портал для начинающих / бинарные опционы
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Oliahep (Member)
26 November 2016 19:47

Да комментируемое заслуживает почтения и даже более того.
Достаточно популярная идея, было бы увлекательно порассуждать об этом... :-i

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fantilin (Member)
2 December 2016 20:40

A sheikdom, Hironeiden is the most powerful nation in the Human Alliance right now. Hironeiden had to remain prepared for any kind of attack from the Orks. They established a centralized government in short order.

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Jasowdqawsluff (Member)
30 December 2016 19:28

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