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KUF2 This IP is not Service Area IP Fix

I hope too this tutorial will work still when OBT comes, and for other servers as well, like KUF2 PH or EU. And not counter it like what they did to VPN WTFast. Or better yet Blueside remove the IP Blocks right? download games Your country is not in the service area for KUF2? hehe

If it's your first time to patch the game, it might take some time to download the KUF2PATCH.DFC, i think it's a hugh file.

When looking for an ip, try to choose the ones with higher speed and anonymity. I dont exactly know why but it sounds good to know LOL.

Download Proxifier - http://www.proxifier.com/download.htm

Sample proxy server website - http://www.proxynova.com

Proxynova singapore ip

Video tutorial: KUF2 This IP is not Service Area IP Fix

Or This video you help login in servers:
скачать dle 10.3форекс портал для начинающих / бинарные опционы
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  • Data: 21-01-2016, 11:06

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ShinChiller (Member)
12 March 2015 17:31

So, we have to download the whole 15GB over a proxy server?
That will take multiple days or even a week with the slow speed proxy servers usually offer...
Why cant you just remove that IP block or put the client on a server in EU without IP block?

Gintama (Member)
26 April 2015 23:22

This was very helpful mate, well for some of us but. Downloading by proxy will take ages for most of the people. Those with slow internet connection will need to sacrifice days to download that. Is not easer to make you too zip all the files and just put them on torrent or whatever ? just make it work. Will be easer for all of us.

Elliotfap (Member)
27 May 2015 11:51

Hello guys so I never genuinely contributed for the discussion board so right here can be a list of free proxy list :)

https proxy list

Antonmef (Member)
22 July 2015 20:05

Я нашел даже видео по этой теме. http;//youtu.be/Claibribiapy

R4MPZY (Member)
20 October 2015 20:10

While i thank your for providing a possible solution, i am very dissapointed in how they have been threating Europe. This site has been online since early this year, maybe even last year? And they still have not fixed the service area for Europe, i mean if we're not supposed to download it why bother putting it in there. If they cant fix this for a simple Beta, how do we know we'll be able to play the full game?

Alinajoycleglozy (Member)
23 October 2016 09:43

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Oliahep (Member)
26 November 2016 19:27

Достаточно популярная идея, было бы архиинтересно поразмыслить об отраженном здесь. :-)
Думаю опубликованное заслуживает доверия и может больше.

Еще говорим про KUF2 This IP is not Service Area IP Fix » Kingdom Under Fire 2 Europe здесь центр москва ремонт холодильников.

emircho (Member)
2 December 2016 18:46

This is not working anymore, so there is no way to play this game for us?
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