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The root of the spellsword class lies on the dark elves who have been a big part of Kingdom Under Fire series since the very beginning.

Ever since they were born, they've been told that they're coursed, because of this reason, they've always been a target of discrimination by others. After losing the war against the Human Alliance, they had to flee from their homeland and had been living under the control of the half-vampires, but finally managed to build their own nation, Kaedes which however, is a small nation and still has a long way to go to become a powerful nation like Hironeiden.
With their exceptional bravery and agility, they're no longer considered as 'freaks' but as 'warriors'.

Spellsword is the term used to call the dark-elf female warriors that specialize in ice magic, and only a very few of them that have unbelievable quickness and exceptional talent in ice magic among already physically gifted dark-elves gets the privilege of being categorized in the Spellsword class.

At the beginning, there were some Spellswords that specialized in fire or electricity magic in addition to ice magic, but soon they realized ice magic was the most suitable magic for them in order to survive in battles so most of them are now just specializing in that technique now that their combat technical has more matured.

Each of spellswords has her own specialty along with different skin from each other, and their physical difference compared to the dark elves is evident.

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GeorgeLor (Member)
26 April 2016 01:28

Exact provocative and new


Oliahep (Member)
26 November 2016 20:25

Достаточно популярная мысль, было бы интересно поговорить об этом. :-i
Полагаю это достойно внимания и даже больше.

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