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The Gunslingers are a human class that forms the biggest community in the Bersian continent who are physically the the weakest of the races, compared with the Orks, Elves, Half-vampires, and Encablossians.

In order to overcome this adversity, they banded together.
Forming nations, tribes, and communities, they developed themselves through teamwork. They invented advanced weapons, and come up with brilliant war strategies, which made them one of the major forces in Bersia.

The characteristics of the Gunslinger class strongly mirror those of the humans. What they lack in physical ability, they make up for with good combat strategies, expertise in swordplay, and, last but not least, their guns, as their name suggests.

Their combat style is fundamentally based on the one that was used by the civil militia who were established to protect the civilians since long time ago

Because they were consist of farmers and lumberjacks instead of soldiers, They lacked greatly in terms of the combat skills, and began to rely on their traditional combat style of civil militia generals which is leading the army at the very front line of battle.

The generals of the civil militia who are brave, physically talented, and skilled in swordplay are considered to be the founders of today]
The rifle that gunslingers carry is the state of the art weapon based on the high technology of dwarves who are more advanced than any other races when it comes to the technologies of gunpowder and power. The mobility and size of their rifle is contradictory to its explosive power

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Daniselstari (Member)
15 May 2017 08:56

Зарегистрировался на форуме, чтобы сказать Вам спасибо за помощь в этом вопросе, может, я тоже могу Вам чем-то помочь?


инцест анал порно рассказы мама а также инцест рассказы дядя
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