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Download Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2 System Requirements

Download Kingdom Under Fire 2

To Play Kingdom Under Fire 2
You need to download and install the game client.

(full client) Torrent Seed<!--[noleech] -->

Fix Your country is not in the service area for KUF2
Firts you need proxy for download Kuf2 games! HERE<<<скачать dle 10.3форекс портал для начинающих / бинарные опционы
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  • Data: 21-01-2016, 11:06

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BenIDF (Member)
27 March 2015 15:32

cant downlode wtf Israel = Asia =/

abdonagip (Member)
28 March 2015 18:42

i downloaded it and started it but when i log in said to me id or password wrong
help please :/

SonOfDeath (Member)
3 April 2015 02:40

Can't start becose this is obviously a major scam...

dreamsmaker (Member)
3 April 2015 19:51

fail, same problem for Italy...
so, I ask: what kind of country there is in KUF2 list????????

tetys (Member)
16 April 2015 11:35

WTF with KUF2.eu?its workink?

  • --------------------

sierra87 (Member)
19 April 2015 14:51

same Hungary

Your country is not in the service area for KUF2

Help me pls!!!!

Jashin (Member)
19 April 2015 15:32

wow wtf i'm from Austria are they stupid or wtf? i hope they know that Europe is a "continent" part of Asia and not a country :D

22 April 2015 01:45

same for tunis

pawelbalasz (Member)
25 April 2015 16:15

Another shit game with shit support ... IP block cocks ... no point wasting time

totoblade89 (Member)
27 April 2015 23:44

No need proxy .. use this launcher and dowland & play fast

Sassone (Member)
28 April 2015 00:23

the same from Italy...Admin, are you with us???!!

crazynuts (Member)
4 May 2015 11:02

also in belgium crap is it available anywhere in europe ?

alex.pdx (Member)
12 May 2015 11:14


i did'nt give up :))) im from Romania so i tried my best to find this game ...take it from the link


i did'nt give up :))) im from Romania so i tried my best to find this game ...take it from the link

lupy (Member)
14 May 2015 12:30

Your country is not in the service area for KUF2

ninja411 (Member)
18 May 2015 01:18

USA cant download is there some freaken way i can play this

FinalFen (Member)
27 May 2015 16:04

It's funny how it seems that no one can follow a simply written guide on how to avoid ip block ...

Anyways for all the very smart players ...

Another way of avoiding IP block

Downloading the game:

1. Find a working proxy ip (just type in google malaysia proxy list, then choose a proxy server which is working for a long period of time and has an ok ping/traffic)
2. Copy the ip and remember the port.
3. Open Internet Explorer.
4. Go to options>internet options>connections>lan settings
5. Paste proxy IP into the bracket below + type the port
6. Check the bracket next to IP which you have entered and accept the changes
7. Refresh download page - torrent one is better (which previously was telling you that you are out of service area)
8. Save the torrent tracker and download it via torrent client
9. Go to Internet explorer uncheck the bracket (point 6) and accept changes so you stop using the proxy server (do it after you download the torrent tracker)

Patching and playing the game:

1. Repeat points 1-5 above
2. Check the bracket but DONT ACCEPT THE CHANGES at this moment.
3. Open the KUF2 launcher
a) After doubleclicking the kuf2 launcher (to launch it) accept the changes in IE (made in points 1-6 above)
b) when launcher animation will load go back to IE and uncheck the proxy server so you will stop using the proxy server and patch/play with your regular IP

IMPORTANT: during point 3 (kuf2 launcher oppening) you have to be really quick and make sure you launch the KUF2 launcher and then accept the proxy server settings in IE BEFORE launcher manages to load his animation

(good method is to enable your windows to ask you before launching every aplication so you can hover your mouse cursor over IE accept button, then use keyboard to allow windows to start KUF2 Launcher and imidietally accept the IE changes with a ready for click mouse)

Side notes: Sometimes if you find very good proxy server with low latency you can simply accept changes in IE (set up proxy connection) and then launch the KUF2 without any issues, but my experience tells me that most of asian proxy servers have big latency and if you try to launch KUF2 with proxy server already set up, launcher simply stops working (probably runs out of time when waiting for data from us). While the quick method works 24/7.

If you were looking for mate to play with or had some questions my ign: Fina1Fen or F1nalF3n

PlumadeAguia (Member)
28 May 2015 05:30

Well...same here Portugal

VooDo0 (Member)
31 May 2015 11:47

use https://www.mehide.asia - Proxy and acces http://kuf2.mmog.asia/download/torrent.php

proxy online and enter the link of torent and you can download it

berkers (Member)
3 June 2015 23:00

Same here Turkey :(

FG Toby (Member)
5 June 2015 20:03

Nice.....the full client if from....ASIA. FFS we can make accounts but can't download the game....NICE

vasco (Member)
6 June 2015 17:46

cant download it, form Portugal

WarLord_LV (Member)
17 June 2015 03:55

there is everything to download and install the game i did it and its easy good luck:)


StanTheBeast (Member)
25 June 2015 16:01

Quote: Weexx
Your country is not in the service area for KUF2 ?? hmm whant's wrong...
Latvia(Europe). Can create account but can't start to play.

Same Bulgaria ...

Laughing Jack (Member)
29 June 2015 11:40

Wtf!!! It's June and still u haven't fix it! Shame on you...

pacron (Member)
1 July 2015 03:50

Same here - From Kosovo, cant download it, is it just a troll lmfao?

nyezsnyik55 (Member)
7 July 2015 04:26

gg naabs i cant download this game-.- my god thx for nothing <3 Hungary

Don_Chambers (Member)
12 July 2015 19:37

Same Germany ....

hatemylife0 (Member)
23 July 2015 10:49

your country not in the service area (isreal) :( i want to play this game so bad

DarkCloud955 (Member)
26 July 2015 14:01

still not yet for EU\NA I am sick of WAITING angry

jojo (Member)
4 August 2015 13:55

It's the download for Asia that's why no one can download it
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