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Download Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2 System Requirements

Download Kingdom Under Fire 2

To Play Kingdom Under Fire 2
You need to download and install the game client.

(full client) Torrent Seed<!--[noleech] -->

Fix Your country is not in the service area for KUF2
Firts you need proxy for download Kuf2 games! HERE<<<скачать dle 10.3форекс портал для начинающих / бинарные опционы
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  • Data: 21-01-2016, 11:06

Comments (213)

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Weexx (Member)
18 January 2015 17:56

Your country is not in the service area for KUF2 ?? hmm whant's wrong...
Latvia(Europe). Can create account but can't start to play.

Kozmaadam12 (Member)
21 January 2015 18:25

Your country is not in the service area for KUF2 ?? Hungary :D ( Europa ) wtf ? xd

flomani (Member)
23 January 2015 19:53

same belgium

serious (Member)
23 January 2015 21:24

Your country is not in the service area for KUF2

wow srsly?

ryandelta71 (Member)
26 January 2015 22:51

why not letting me download from uk????

SvenGabelbart (Member)
1 February 2015 00:13

same germany O.o

thepurpledinosaur (Member)
1 February 2015 20:27

wtf. Your country is nnot in service of kuf2. this is just bs and it needs to be fiixed (uk)

Mister Okay (Member)
2 February 2015 16:39

Also belgium, your country is not in service :'(

mimiCControl (Member)
2 February 2015 17:49

Same shit for Belgium, center of Europe! wtf...

caddy1041 (Member)
5 February 2015 20:48

same problem from italy

Medaleux (Member)
6 February 2015 17:12

Damn it, same for France ! Anyone of you have any idea about how to fix it ?

Awastya (Member)
7 February 2015 13:20

same in Finland :(

Komplex (Member)
8 February 2015 09:45

Your country is not in the service area for KUF2...WTF man??? (Hungary)

zapatista (Member)
10 February 2015 15:24

Bulgaria "Your country is not in the service area for KUF2"

taki_torrent (Member)
16 February 2015 16:59

Same here from Norway !!!

Daylen (Member)
17 February 2015 21:50

Same in Sweden

klaudyu93 (Member)
18 February 2015 16:01

Come on! Same in Romania

krisnik01 (Member)
18 February 2015 21:38

Check link to download torrent for KUF2..it link to KUF2 SEA. That why this "Your country is not in the service area for KUF2" happened.

giorgosathan (Member)
19 February 2015 03:15

same with greece fix it pls all europe cant play :P

osabasbosa (Member)
19 February 2015 11:20

fuck!!!!!! same egypt

Hawkswood (Member)
21 February 2015 15:42

This game is a joke.
KUF 2 EU lol
Just a fan site...

Severus (Member)
22 February 2015 16:39

Can't we download it from somewhere else? Like a torrent site or smth?

zamico (Member)
27 February 2015 20:01

cant download this crap in sweden

Romeo (Member)
4 March 2015 22:37

same problem from Lithuania

Awainar (Member)
10 March 2015 17:52

This fucking game is bleeding my nerves.
Bring it to the point we can installed it odr close your fucking webiste.

jelberg (Member)
13 March 2015 19:42

maybe not set the link to send to the asian server, and maybe to the european one KuF -.-''

Lebowski (Member)
22 March 2015 05:09

same ireland, god damn :(

caroon (Member)
23 March 2015 03:00

Same here Denmark :( thats just Dum!

supermarijan (Member)
23 March 2015 10:55

Same here from Croatia...

Why is it hapening??

tzelakos98 (Member)
27 March 2015 00:09

Can;t download it from greece
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The satisfying combat and flashy animation exceed that of even most action games. The control scheme is intuitive and easy to learn. These are just a few of the great qualities inherited from its predecessors and expanded upon. This action RTS is the first MMO ever in the franchise and lets the player command a large number of troops to defeat other players online and become a legend.
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